Robert Stephenson

Chief Executive Officer

United Kingdom
As a driver of vision and strategy, I am intent on overcoming new challenges and chartering a course of action for our organization. In collaboration with our board chairs, I will develop a forward-looking board agenda and provide input on a broad range of topics, including strategy, M&A, technology, culture, talent, resilience, and external communications. Most importantly, I intend to strengthen and amplify the organization's "Why" while continuing to be in charge of advancing its vision and strategy by emphasizing innovation, expansion, and excellence. As a driver of change, I will work to foster a culture of creativity, transparency, and continuous improvement. My top priority is to ensure that the organization remains focused on its mission while adapting to an ever-changing landscape. In short, I will be an architect of the organization's future.


Robert is an accomplished expert in marketing and data who has shown a history of success in forging new connections and propelling expansion. His successful 2014 establishment of Argentum Data Solutions (Previously "The Data Source") is evidence of his natural inclination toward entrepreneurship. Robert's savvy management and effective business expansion helped the company reach £800K in revenue within just two years. His extensive network in the business world has helped Argentum Data Solutions rise to prominence as a leading provider of both technology and sales leads.