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Casting your investment with Argentum 47, Inc. is a step towards a future in which AI and groundbreaking web-based services transform marketing. Our diverse portfolio of subsidiaries, each a pioneer in their respective fields, drives growth and creates significant value.

We are more than a business; we are a comprehensive solution to the problems of fragmented customer data and disparate marketing tools, poised to reshape the marketing landscape.

Argentum Data Solutions

A global leader in data and lead generation, Argentum Data Solutions leverages AI and blockchain technologies to connect brands with their target customers efficiently and cost-effectively.

Software As A Service (SaaS): Argentum Marketing

Expected to launch in 2024, Argentum's very own Software as a Service (SaaS) will offer a unified marketing solution that enhances strategy coherence and efficiency. Utilizing AI, it enables data-driven decision-making, content automation, and advertising cost savings, driving significant growth and cost reductions.

Upcoming Subsidiary
(To Be Disclosed Q1 2024)

Stay tuned for the unveiling of a new subsidiary in Q4 2023. This addition to the Argentum family will further expand our portfolio and continue our mission to revolutionize the marketing landscape with innovative solutions.



Argentum’s principal activity is utilizing disruptive marketing solutions with proprietary AI and automation technologies to support clients in the growth, profitability, and success of their businesses.

Alan Devlin

Chief Executive Officer
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Argentum 47, Inc. is a publicly traded company with a positive cash-flow. The company has a diverse revenue model based on subsidiary-owned technology, data sets, and the development of partnerships with cutting edge technology firms.


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