Daniel Triana

Chief Marketing Officer

United Kingdom
I have a unique perspective on the position of our company in the digital world. I observe an organization that evolves and adapts to the ever-changing environment. I also see an organization that is committed to providing exceptional customer experiences. In today's complex digital world, I have made it my mission to assist our subsidiaries in delivering exceptional customer experiences. This necessitates going above and beyond current standard practices, remaining ahead of the competition, and commanding the rate of change within our organization. By doing so, we will not only maintain our position as a leader in the digital world, but we will also set the standard for other organizations to follow.


Daniel possesses a comprehensive understanding of data management, as well as process engineering and marketing strategy. He has assisted Fortune 500 and privately held companies in the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands in expanding their marketing operations and portfolios. As Argentum 47, Inc. and its subsidiaries expand their marketing efforts across multiple channels, his expertise in marketing strategy and data will be beneficial. Daniel's passion is for marketing-focused businesses to reach their full growth and potential so they can achieve new heights in their marketing campaigns by leveraging data more efficiently.